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I am happy to announce that the webcomic I've had in my head for two years is finally on paper.  The series is called 'The Echo Atonement' (or TEA for short) and I have many characters and many ideas to go along with it. I am excited about sharing the story and the world with everyone and hope you will enjoy!

And we are go for launch on my 2009 Game Art demo reel.  I've worked out a clear workflow and pinpointed the assets I would like to use.  Currently, I'm working on the pre-production stage of it and having a hay day rendering out a tribal elephant race called the Paka'Desh.

Much more to come soon.  I think I found my spark again! =)
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New art incoming!
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I have new art
Yes, I do!
I have new art
How 'bout you?!

Too much WoW has led me to draw a relatively large series of fan art.  I plan to do something fun with these designs to make them accessible to people, if enough of ya end up liking them.

We shall see...

<3 Power to the Lich King, baby. <3
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New art.  It happens.

It rained like crazy today, and I went out and just stood in it.  So, so awesome ^^

Enjoying a couple of new music artists - Delerium, Vas, Global Spirit, and Inanna...totally inspiring me lately.  

Have a couple of new 2D character designs I'm trying to get outta my head before I work on my next 3D environment, which will involve re-doing my Observatory environment, but with textures and a twist :)  That'll take about a month or so, so I'm just getting my 2D wiggles out.  Yay for the creative wiggles!

And I keep batting around this idea for a webcomic I'm having.  I need to start writing stuff out for it, just to get it out on paper.  I don't think I'll be starting it any time soon but it's been floating in my brain juices for almost a year, and it's a story I'd love to bring to life.

Ya know, I read once that sometimes when something's not exactly right, a critter'll separate itself from the herd in order to heal or avoid spreading whatever is wrong to its buddies.  I think I'm going through a little bit of that.  I've got a serious case of hermititis going on...(sounds like an STD... >_> ).  Except I guess it would be like a...brain STD..?  In any case, I'm hoping some things take a turn for the better so that this doesn't last much longer.  Till then...
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HOLY CRAP, you guys.

HOLY crap.

My *beautiful* new website is up and running and looks AMAZING, thanks to the coding genius of my boyfriend...I provided teh artz, and he provided teh codes :)

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I have one of my statues listed up on Ebay...feel free to check it out :)

You can find the URL here.

TOLD you, art was coming.

Art is coming.....


Can't you FEEL it?!?!?!
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So my site's finally all up, resume and everything, which is good.  I'm going to do a couple more things with it to make it a little more appealing and not so plain.  I cannot do that right now, however, as the holiday season has me super-ridiculously-busy.  So that will probably have to wait for after the year's beginning.

I am happy to say that I have a brand new, custom built computer with 4 gigs of RAM coming, thanks to Stephen.  It is a birthday gift, and I am going to name it Aang, like the Avatard I am.  :B  I'm out of my mind with excitement because this means I'm gonna be able to work on new stuff!  I have a few environments in mind...oo-oooh so happy ^____^

I've also been busy applying to a few studios.  This time of the year's the time for hope, right?  Well, I'm a-hoping for work, heh...That'd be wondrous...

Anyway, that's about it.  If I don't update before the end of the year, may everyone have a merry Christmas, happy holiday, and rockin' new year :)  Lurve to ye!  
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My website's up and has been given a quick overhaul.  Working on the content now...should have it all up by tonight or tomorrow :)

Here's the link:

Annnnnnndyeah.  Thassit!
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I am unhappy to announce that my computers have finally kicked the bucket.  My PC will not turn on, and my laptop turns off because it's overheating.

So, there you have it.  I am slightly....unamused, to put it very mildly.  Especially since I just got some freelance commission work and desperately need my own machine in order to complete the projects.  I really just can't seem to get a break, ever since I've moved to this new place.  It's frustrating.

To all those who wish to get in contact with me, you know my e-mail.  Sent me a note there, and I promise I'll reply.  I don't know when I will have a functioning computer again, or if it will even be before this year is out so I probably won't be on AIM.  

Check back here for updates, though.  I'll still be uploading art, even if it's all just line sketches :/

I am happy to say that after a long road, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Animation on June 29th.  I completed my demo reel and posted some still renders in my gallery - feel free to look!  

Also, I now have an official website.  The address is  I am still trying to finish the content, but my demo reel is there for viewing.  Check it out! :)  

That's all for now!
New artsings are going to be available soon, both 2D and 3D.  I'm in Final Project right now in school and the chips are down but hopefully I will have some awesome renders that taste like, um...awesomesauce...very soon :)

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Heya folks!  It's been one hell of a few months, but I am back and ready to do artsings.

To help me, I ganked one of those art prompt things, simplified it, and narrowed it down to 21 I think I'd eventually like to do.  Some of them may end up as full-blown pieces, some may just be doodles, but I need inspiration because I feel like I'm going to explode if I don't create something.  :P

So here's the list.  Not going to dra them in order, but I'll keep it updated with links and all that jazz.  Enjoy!  


1. Fly Me to the Moon...
2. Deliverance of the Penguins!
3. Voodoo
4. Earth
5. Fire
6. Water
7. Flight
8. Mutation
9. Hero
10. Holiday
11. Video Game
12. Convention
13. Roleplaying
14. Pirates
15. Ninjas
16. Zombies
17. This lil light of mine...
18. Song
19. Imaginary
20. Furry Art
21. Mirrorwalking
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Whee, behold, I am not dead! :D  I LIIIIVE!!!  And I come bearing art - feel free to check out the new random crap.  =^_^=

Bic pens are <3

Love me plz? :3
Yep O_O
Whooooo's going to Megacon???

(I am, I am!)

Whooooo's going to graduate on Feb 3rd???

(I am, I am!)

Whooooo's sticking around for another year to complete the Full Sail Bachelor Program???

(I am, I am!)

Hee :D
Been toiling hard on my character maquettes - trying to pass this class.  I have until Thursday to turn another concept piece in.  I think I'm going to do a pretty 2D image of Gidget since I've been drawing him a lot longer than the other chars I've come up with.  

And just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has added me or commented lately - I'm glad and feel pretty humbled that people are enjoying what I do :3

Aaaaand, I added Rotwood today.  It was a loooong night staying up texturing him.  I worked through all three LOTR movies - and my 'Return of the King' was the extended edition.  So that should tell you how long I've been awake XD

Okeedokee, thassit - off to sketch ^_^
Well, my compositing project of polymorphing my boyfriend got put up on the front page of  :D   Unfortunately, the site it was being hosted upon crashed because of the traffic of DOOM that was hitting it...hopefully it will be up and working by this evening.  I'm just kind of jazzed, 15 minutes of fame out there in the WoW world!  ^__^

Been working on a lot of concept art lately for an MMO I'm going to (hopefully) be helping with...uploaded 2 new images today, a deviation and a scrap soooo yeah :)  Fun stuff.

And actually I'm going to go work on those right now, hehe...later!

*yawn, stretch, flops over*  Ohhh-hhh, I really should get some real sleep tonight V_V;

Let's seeee, uploaded 2 new deviations today, one is just some line art and the other is a character concept I've been working on for a few days now :)  Thanks to everyone who has commented - I really appreciate it ^^

Okeedokee, thassit :D